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How about the carburetor without water for a long time?
Add Time:2017-04-21

Long term use of the motorcycle, the fuel tank due to thermal expansion of the air, cold contraction of the role of breathing, water vapor in the air will gradually condensed in the tank. Water is heavier than gasoline, condenses much steam, and finally settles to the bottom of the tank. Once the carburetor is filled with water, the motorcycle becomes difficult to start.

After the carburetor enters the water, causes the motorcycle not to be good, the start has two kinds: first, the carburetor has been sucked out is the moisture content, will not be ignited by the spark plug. Two, the spark plug is sucked into the cylinder and the water mist is damp. The ceramic column of the spark plug electrode is no longer insulated, and the electrode can not be discharged normally.

At this point, if you loosen the oil drain screw in time, release the water in the carburetor, and let the carburetor add some fresh gasoline, it will make the start more smoothly. So, for a long parked motorcycle, you'd better let go of the old gasoline in the carburetor before you start, and inject some fresh gasoline.

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