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Working principle of motorcycle carburetor
Add Time:2017-04-22

Motorcycles used to be an important tool for us to travel, but with the rapid development of automobiles, it was gradually replaced. Now in addition to motorcycle racers and popular with young people, few people have to buy a motorcycle, but is still synonymous with cool, it runs very cool, handsome, like this is why go by like the wind as a part of young people love it. Motorcycles and cars are inseparable from the support of the engine, and the engine can not help without the help of the carburetor, if the motorcycle does not have a carburetor, just like no heart, no longer beating. One might ask, how does a small carburetor work in a motorcycle?

The carburetor is actually a root canal, the middle of a tube called the solar term door adjustable plate, air flow pipe for control by. In the tube there is a constriction, called the throat, where the contraction forms a vacuum. The contraction portion has a bore and draws fuel from the hole using a vacuum.

Motorcycle carburetor looks very complicated, but as long as the principle of mastering, you can adjust the motorcycle to the best condition. All the carburetor is working under the basic principle of atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is a powerful force to put pressure on everything. It varies slightly, but usually fifteen pounds per square inch. This means that atmospheric pressure has fifteen pounds of pressure per square inch on everything. By changing the atmospheric pressure in the engine and the carburetor, the pressure can be changed and the fuel and air flow through the carburetor.

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