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  • 2017-04-22Working principle of motorcycle carburetor

      Motorcycles used to be an important tool for us to travel, but with the rapid development of automobiles, it was gradually replaced. Now in addition to motorcycle racers and popular with young people, few people…

  • 2017-04-22Exquisite throttle body JZD38C

      Exquisite throttle body JZD38CThe function of the carburetor is to mix gasoline with air to form a combustible mixture, which is then sent to each cylinder. When the pump such as gasoline gasoline in the carbure…

  • 2017-04-22Common faults of throttle position sensor

      The throttle body position sensor can be used to check the throttle body opening to distinguish the working condition and the load degree of the engine. The throttle body can provide the throttle body opening si…

  • 2017-04-22General knowledge of carburetor maintenance

      For a long time (more than a week), do not use the engine or motorcycle, please put the carburetor in the residual oil, so as to avoid residual oil metamorphism, corrosion of copper parts, causing the carburetor…

  • 2017-04-22Matching and adjusting method of carburetor and engine

      The carburetor is an important part of the motorcycle. The plunger carburetor float chamber adopts the needle valve and float control automatic oil inlet system. Fuel hinge type structure between the float and t…

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