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Reasons and elimination methods of high fuel consumption in carburetor
Add Time:2017-04-21

   The level of fuel consumption is an important performance index of motorcycle users, and it is also an important performance index of motorcycle. As a key part of the motorcycle fuel supply system, the carburetor status is very important for the fuel consumption of the motorcycle. Reducing fuel consumption is also a constant goal for the carburetor manufacturer.

How to judge the high fuel consumption? Generally, the actual fuel consumption law is that the two stroke is higher than the four stroke, the larger displacement is smaller than the small displacement, and the automatic clutch is higher than the manual clutch. In addition, the structure of the engine in different forms, fuel consumption is also different. Specific values should be determined according to the specific model. On the current domestic common models: two stroke 50 car fuel consumption at about 3L/100km, four stroke 70 to 100 car fuel consumption under 2L/100km, four stroke 125 car fuel consumption is about 2L/100km in 70 ~ 125, four stroke scooter fuel consumption is about 3.0L/100km. Users can generally judge whether their cars have high fuel consumption.

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