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Basic considerations for automobile carburetor
Add Time:2017-04-21

Check in the carburetor state, can be in a set of a small oil nozzle on the transparent plastic tube; loosen the oil discharge screw, see the gasoline in the transparent plastic tube height rises, you can know the carburetor float and oil level height.

1. carburetor is the key components in the engine, small changes may affect the performance of the whole vehicle. Thus, in the carburetor disassembly process, the use of appropriate tools, and moderate intensity, in order to prevent deformation of parts. The parts to be disassembled shall be arranged in order in order to prevent leakage or improper assembly.

2. the cleaning of the carburetor shall be performed on a clean site. First, clean the outer surface of the carburetor, and clean the internal parts. You can use special cleaning agent for carburetor or industrial gasoline. In addition to impurities, attention should be paid to cleaning the gasoline gel on the surface of the parts. The cleaned parts are blown down in compressed air, and cloth or paper that will produce burrs shall not be used to prevent re contamination. Clogged small holes, steel wire and other hard objects to poke open, to prevent changing the aperture, resulting in changes in performance of the carburetor, gasoline or compressed air should be used to clean out.

3., in the carburetor assembly process, the float chamber screws, carburetor and engine screws, must not be tightened once, must be tightened several times, the general tightening torque between 12N.m to 15N.m. Otherwise, it will cause deformation of the joint surface, leakage or oil leakage. The tightening torque of the measuring hole parts is usually between 1.5N.m and 3.0N.m. The tightening torque will cause damage to the thread, lead to the deformation of parts, even produce metal scraps, and cause two pollution, which will affect the performance of the carburetor.

4. in the process of cleaning the carburetor, if there is a lot of sediment in the carburetor float, it is often due to the failure of the gasoline filter. At this point, check the gasoline filter. If it is confirmed to be out of order, you need to clean or replace the new gasoline filter.

5., if the motorcycle is not used for a long time, the carburetor, float chamber, fuel will be exhausted, in order to prevent gasoline, gum deposition, condensation, resulting in carburetor failure. In addition, special emphasis should be placed on: the position of idle adjusting screws has important influence on motorcycle emission, idle speed, transition, fuel consumption and so on. The carburetor is generally prohibited from moving idle air conditioning screws (see chart). If it is necessary to remove the air adjust screw, first adjusting screw screwed into the end, remember the number (accurate to 1/8 circle), the assembly according to the original number of laps to return.

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