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How does the carburetor work?
Add Time:2017-04-21

The function of the carburetor is to mix gasoline with air to form a combustible mixture, which is then sent to each cylinder. When the pump such as gasoline gasoline in the carburetor float chamber, a float in the air chamber, it can be through the external gas pressure and nozzle formation (vacuum) pressure difference, the oil can be directly injected into the tube into oil droplets and roar, roar through the upper tube mixed air cleaner air, the carburetor is divided into five large the main supply system, idle speed, acceleration, enrichment, starting, so complex, it is simply introduced, if must understand, have to find the book



Provide a certain amount and concentration of combustible mixture under engine conditions such as engine start, cold start, acceleration, idle speed and normal operation. It comprises a main fuel supply system, fuel supply system, excessive idle nozzle, accelerating pump, solar term door, spray pipes, choke, fast idle speed mechanism, air conditioning mechanism, oil level float adjustment device and other devices, the use of the main and auxiliary siphon effect through cavity high speed air flow the fuel from the float chamber and the air suction. The cutting effect of gasoline will be broken into small particles formed mixed gas preliminary mixing, and then through the intake manifold, intake valve piston evaporation gas formation.

The air flows through the carburetor at a higher flow rate under the suction of the intake stroke.

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