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Matching and adjusting method of carburetor and engine
Add Time:2017-04-22

The carburetor is an important part of the motorcycle. The plunger carburetor float chamber adopts the needle valve and float control automatic oil inlet system. Fuel hinge type structure between the float and the carburetor engine, the float chamber decreases with the height of fuel consumption of fuel, float to float needle valve fuel tongue, moving down, so that the fuel valve is opened, the flow of fuel to the float chamber. When the amount of fuel oil flowing into the float chamber is less than the fuel consumption of the engine, the needle valve seat is in an open state, and the fuel flows into the float chamber. When the float chamber oil rose to a high float set height, fuel float under the action of buoyancy rises and drives the floater to move the tongue and needle valve, needle valve and valve seat sealing surface formation, prevent fuel continue to enter the float chamber of the carburetor, the carburetor float chamber oil high degree within the set range of values. The carburetor float height is the key to the matching of the carburetor and the engine.

The quality of the piston type carburetor matches the quality of the engine, which determines the performance and fuel economy of the motorcycle. The matching quality of the carburetor and the engine can be achieved by re regulating the carburetor, so that the performance of the engine in the optimum conditions can be improved, and the fuel economy of the motorcycle can be improved.

Carburetor and engine matching difference is mainly manifested in the motorcycle after the run in period, a warm start still need frequent closed carburetor choke; normal driving engine overheating; a contusion and a phenomenon of motorcycle driving at high speed; mixture is not completely burned, motorcycle, spark plug fouling serious exhaust pipe to take black smoke, power down, unable to exceed the standard fuel consumption, acceleration; bad fuel economy.

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